"Safety Dance"
Solo Exhibition, Eastside International (ESXLA), Los Angeles, CA
January 30 - February 27, 2016

Featuring a cast of objects pulled from various points in our chaotic universe, 
brought together by randomness and desire, presented lovingly just for you. 
dead/neutral  fertile/bored needy/cute  standing/barely
The objects transparently lay bare their construction, inception, handling and 
manipulation – with fingerprints [damage], humble materials [vulnerability] and
imperfections [stretchmarks]. The objects refuse refinement to a point of no return. They have the ability to regress back to a less constructed state if 
they so wish.

As interpretation shift from person to person [in a dance of relative and mutual contingency], it becomes evident that meaning is not located in the object. Meaning is a moving target - animated and performative - which both confuses and reinforces our subjecthood.

[Taken from press release]

Safety Dance